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dry ash glaze/too many new books...

updated thu 9 dec 04


Kate Johnson on wed 8 dec 04

Hi all--well, the happy recipient of FIVE new pottery books in the last
month or so (not counting the three on redware history), but I can't
recall which book had this small bit in it. If I find it, I'll clarify...

...ONE of them, maybe the Tony Birks book, showed someone sprinkling dry,
cleaned woodash on a dampened bisque pot as a glaze, and now, of course, I
want to TRY this! The inside of the pot was glazed normally, but the
outside was simply dry ashes sprinkled on damp bisque.

I know some of you have done this--how did it work? What kind of woodash
(does it really matter, do some just NOT work--like pine, perhaps), what
temp would you glaze fire, COULD you do it at a lower temp like ^06, or
would it have to be closer to ^6 or up? I'll try to find the photo again--I
was skimming yesterday, in a BUNCH of the books, but there was very little
in the caption besides just what was being done.

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts