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more on dry ash glaze

updated thu 9 dec 04


Kate Johnson on wed 8 dec 04

I looked through the books again, it at WAS the Tony Birks book, _The
Complete Potter's Companion_, on pg. 130-131. It shows the dry ash being
sprinkled on the pot as the chapter opener, and the caption merely says
"Sprinkling fine dry wood ash by hand on a dampened bisque pot will produce
the handsome stoneware glaze above. The inside is separately glazed." It
shows the completed, fired pitcher, and it looks marvelous.

So...I'm guessing since it says stoneware, the pot, at least, was fired at a
higher temp than my earthenware stuff, but can this be used on a lower
firing clay body? I mostly use terra cotta, though I have some buff

I didn't find any further comment on using the dry stuff, just a bit about
processing the ash with water, etc., to add to other ingredients to make a
liquid glaze--maybe I missed it...

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts