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specifications for potter's path tiles

updated thu 9 dec 04


Dupre, Marcy M - Contractor (PKI) on wed 8 dec 04


The directions below are copied from The Chapel of the Arts website,
Potter's Path sub-page.

Go to: and follow the leads to the Potter's

Take a look at the website, see what's already been done, and see if you
could add one more tile to the path.

It will be quite some piece of international art when it's completed.

Best to all,

Tig Dupre
in Port Orchard, Washington, USA


This information prints onto a single sheet of paper if all margins set to

Very important information for all International Path Makers

Every tile really must be:
+ square 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm (4 x 4 inches x half inch) + 1 or 2 mm!
+ impervious preferably with a vitrified body (stoneware? porcelain?)
+ sturdy and tough, raku and similar soft bodies are not suitable
+ with non-slip surface, so it is safe to walk on in wet conditions.
+ no profile deep enough to hold water and/or trip people
+ shows country of origin and possibly town/city/region

Each Tile should represent what is unique about the Maker, their work and
their country, its people, environment, culture and heritage -- not ours
please! What is uniquely special about the part of the World you live in? Or
is there a symbol, a landmark, flower, animal, flag, coat of arms, building
or monument associated with your town, region or country?
Whatever you design, please incorporate the country of origin! It is very
important that you include a name, map, flag or other symbol of the town or
country you represent so that we can build a unique INTERNATIONAL POTTERS'
PATH, not a strange and meaningless collection of odd tiles!

Do not delay! Make your tile today!
No ideas? See examples of other have designs in The International Potters'
Path Section of the main website
Need help? Do you still have questions after reading these specifications?
Email potterspath @
Arranging a visit? E-mail or telephone ++44 (0)1766 523122 (from 12.00 to
17.00 hrs GMT daily)

Tiles which do not meet the safety criteria cannot be used.

MAILING CHECK LIST: Please do not forget

+ to enclose your name, postal address and e-mail address.
Please note contact details will be recorded in the Path Archives and sent
to all the Path Makers at the end of the Project. The Path will e-mail Path
Makers to advise them: (1) arrival of tile and inclusion on CoA web site (2)
once The Path is completed (with image)
+ include interesting printed information, CV, URL and/or photos for the
Official Records (National Archives) and temporary exhibition with your
+ package really well, so you are confident a drop onto a hard floor from
head height would cause no damage
+ check the Gift/Cadeau box and state CERAMIC TILE (ZERO commercial value)
on the green customs declaration if posted from outside Europe
+ print the full postal address including the postcode - enclose one copy
inside the package and clearly label outside:

Recipient: The International Potters' Path
House Nr./Street: 3 Marine Crescent
Town/Postcode: Criccieth LL52 0EA
Country: GB Wales UK

Delivery time: allow one week airmail and up to 3 months surface mail
Thank you for becoming a Path Maker!