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, wood for tools

updated mon 13 dec 04


John Jensen on thu 9 dec 04

Shipping pallets are often made of some really nice woods...Worth taking a

John Jensen, Mudbug Pottery
John www://

Taylor from Rockport on fri 10 dec 04

I suggest dropping by Daivd H's house and begging some hardwood scraps.
Even metal for that matter might be beggable; The guy has piles of it

He gave me two nice pieces of hardwood scrap he picked up somewhere free.
I'm going to make one a throwing stick and the other is going to be a
shapping paddle, maybe.

Free, free, can't beat free.

Give me a two by four, I'll beat it.

Taylor, in Rockport, TX

Millard Balfrey on sat 11 dec 04

Here are a couple of sources for zero cost hardwood scraps for tool making.
The best local "secret" is a local highend archetural millwork shop that weekly
throws away small bundles of hardwood. I've found many nice pieces of
mahogany and teak while beachcombing. Many shipping pallets are made of rock maple.
Also shipping spacers for large ductile iron pipe are usually hardwood. I
prefer the rock maple for hand tools, just wipe them with furnature polish. I've
cut mahogany strips in several thicknesses for guides used to cut bar clay for
the slab roller. Sand the mahogany smooth and put on two coats of marine spar
varnish, makes them easy to clean. I bought two Chris Henley ebony trimming
knives earlier this year and gave one as a birthday gift to my buddy who taught
me the basics of ceramics- he said it was the nicest gift he ever received=
the highest quality materials and craftsmanship Happy Holidays to All
. Millard in PB County expecting the first artic blast tonight, 49 degrees
expected in the morning 68 by noon