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the clennell's video

updated fri 10 dec 04


Bruce Freund on thu 9 dec 04

Ok,Ok,Ok, Tony,

I don't care how busy you are...I don't care what is on your agenda.......

What I do care about is "When can I buy the next video?"

Tony and Sheila this video is absolutely wonderful. The quality of the video
is excellent. the presentation very pleasant, sort of like you are my old
drinking, potter buddy showing me some incredible techniques. The knowledge
gained from the video is worth 10 times the price I paid...

Hey, Clennell you're Ok looking but I am not sure why all of these ladies
are so goo goo eyed over you....LOL

PS: I bought your video on Working With Cane and this new video is of
equal quality !!!!! STUPENDOUS......

Best of the Best,

Bruce Freund

Best of the Best,

Bruce Freund