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clayart digest - 8 dec 2004 to 9 dec 2004 (#2004-341)

updated sat 11 dec 04


Wes Rolley on fri 10 dec 04

At 12:00 AM 12/10/04 -0500, you wrote:

>Said digital cameras would
>need 16megapixels of resolution to be comparable to film.

Well, the Nikon DX2 is at 12.2 megapixels and the Canon EOS 1D Digital SLR is already at 16 megapixels. Neither are at prices that the average can afford...>USD 5K. However, that is an indication of where the future is going. Both are SLR cameras that share the whole family of lenses with their film camera counterparts.

I have noted that the press photographers at even our local (weekly or 2X week) newspapers have gone completely to digital cameras for production work. The last time I had my picture taken they used a high end Nikon. For this work, digitals save time and production costs and that saves money.