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wierdest tool in my studio / (grin)

updated sat 11 dec 04


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on fri 10 dec 04

The absolute wierdest tool in my studio
has got to be Me!

First of all, it does not always work.

When it does work, it does not do anything
the same way twice.

Sometimes it can't do anything right.

Occasionally it gets it right and requires applause.

It randomly requires fuels such as caffeine,
candy and chocolate.

It can be easily distracted by just about anything.

It never remembers where it put things down.

It has been known to fling clay across the room.

It goes from 60 mph to zero in seconds.

It makes a lot of noise when cranky.

There are no wrenches to tighten loose bolts.

Left unattended it could do anything, to anything
just for the heck of it.

If it gets bored, run for cover!

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - getting ready to clean up and close things down for
the Holidays. Best wishes to all my clay pals and their loved ones!