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04 leupp kiln conference pictures

updated wed 15 dec 04


William Lucius on sun 12 dec 04

If you are interested in how archaeologists fire replica pots in replica =
kilns, go to => and click on Pictures, then Grid View and peruse the photos =
from the conference. You do not need to join the group in order to view =
the photos, but you have to join if you want to read the accompanying =
document. The photo page numbers relate to the page number of the text. =
There are also photos of prehistoric kilns and a time/temperature curve =
for the primary kiln firing as well as some bonus photos of the famous =
Charlie Gilbert firing a dung kiln.

William A. Lucius
Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research

William Lucius on mon 13 dec 04

I just looked at my post. Of course the url is wrong (how did that =
happen?). It should be =>

Please try it again.

William A. Lucius

Marcia Selsor on mon 13 dec 04

Looks like you had a great time with interesting results. I liked the
group photo.
Many smiling faces! Where was that?
On Dec 13, 2004, at 8:49 AM, William Lucius wrote:

> I just looked at my post. Of course the url is wrong (how did that
> happen?). It should be
>> leuppkilnconference>
> Please try it again.
> William A. Lucius

William Lucius on tue 14 dec 04

Somewhere between my computer and the rest of the world the url address =
gets duplicated, making it pretty useless. So, in your browser try this =
to access the site (remember that the following will look like one word =
with no spaces):=20
type in http:// followed by, then leuppkilnconference =
and strike the enter key.

In answer to your query, the 2004 conference was held in Bluff, Utah in =
August (pit firing in temperatures over 100 degrees!) in conjuction with =
the Pecos Conference. The field trip picture was taken between Bluff =
and Blanding (where there are a few trees and lots of archaeological =

William A. Lucius