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ash glaze/ koie cooker/ day 6

updated sat 18 dec 04


Gary Navarre on fri 17 dec 04

Hay Crew,
The snow and wind stoped and it is 4 degrees out. Had a good stuffing
cycle going Wedensday/Thursday night and should have gone out Thursday
morning about 9:30 and kept the cooker going but the blankies just felt
too good. Got it going again in the afternoon but man was it windy and
it took a couple of trys. After it got going I started cleaning up the
scrap in the studio and realized I should snip up a gunney sack full
before it was time to stoke. Now I don't have to play catch up trying to
fill the chamber by snipping into the smoldering hole. I just take
handfulls of the small pieces of brush, stuff it full, and brick back in
to a 1" square opening. Then I snipped another sack for later. The
cooker ought to be ready to fill again around noon. Think I'll take a
break and hit the blankies with Tager.
While waiting for the cooker to smolder down I adjusted the contrast on
Gawaine's photo:
Looks a little better. Thanks for the comments folks. I tryed responding
out of Fotki but the Outlook Express connection from there, and other
sites, is weard, getting a connecting box that goes nowhere and can't
close without shutting everything down and restarting my computer. And
Judeth in Newzeland, your address wasn't compleat so thanks from here.
Good luck with the wheat husks. It will probably smolder for quite a while
but that's the idea, we don't want flame. Another reason to have the
material snipped small before having to refill the cooker.
Well ya know what's next, stay in there!

G in da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA

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