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ash glazes/ koie cooker

updated thu 16 dec 04


Gary Navarre on wed 15 dec 04

Hay Crew,
Waha, sure got cold quick, 8 degrees out there this early morning. After
7" snow over the weekend I took a break from burning the Balsam scrap.
What got turned into ash will stay in the cooker untill I relight it if
it gets above 20 on Wedensday. Catching my finger in the van door didn't
help much either. So instead, I fooled around with my PictureIt! and
finally figured out how to crop and edit the contrast/brightness for the
first three shots in my old pots album. Not too schabby for a beginner.
Now that I'm starting to understand depth of field from reading posts
I'll need to re-shoot them with a light box someday. Something about
putting pots on a stump in the back yard is not considered professional.
Oh well, that's what I get for running a no budget opperation.
I know what I am gonna do, stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA