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ash glazes/ koie cooker/ day 8

updated mon 20 dec 04


Gary Navarre on sun 19 dec 04

Hay Crew,
Well I finally decided to undo the practice wreaths I made early on and
put the greens into the Koie cooker. Even though it's a bit nippy at -3
with a -26 wind chill it only takes a few minutes to fill the chamber.
The finer wreath brush lasts a long time since it has less stick
material. The ash has filled the bottom 12" up to the cookie screen and
I'll keep filling till I run out of greens or the chamber is almost
Gawaine Dart sent me a better shot of himself, his wife, and their puppy
A little ceramic history question. Can anyone identify some of the
pieces in the background?
Guess I'll check the cooker, fill it, and stay in here!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA

Interesting fact: It takes 500 years for all the water in Lake Superior
to completely replace itself.