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burner system/back fire

updated thu 23 dec 04


mel jacobson on wed 22 dec 04

it seems that after reading bill's report
on this system we have to conclude that
it is junk. how would one know how to
go about fixing it?

anyone that tells a customer that
orange/dirty flame is `normal` is
full of crap.

the system is probably not worth
fixing. it sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

most anyone with good common sense
can figure this out.

i have made a dozen pipe burners in my
life. even with guess work an orifice size
can be determined, and the burner will burn
with a long blue flame. this olympic system
does not take into account air/gas mixture at all.

this crap must make marc ward spin off
his chair.

if you have not read vince's two posts
on back burning, please re/read them.
great information. intelligent, with experience.

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