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fw: slip, sliding away/now: adjunct positions

updated mon 13 dec 04


kterpstra on sun 12 dec 04

Hi Tony,
I know the horror stories out there... I know that the adjunct positions
are grossly underpaid. That's why the painter and I, along with the
department are trying to make it as easy as possible by lowering the
number of students. We even thought about dropping the advanced classes
for the semester. We have pissed off several students by doing this but
we felt we reached a fair compromise. Plus, we are hoping the adjuncts
will take advantage and enjoy making work in our studios with all the
materials available to them. If anyone else has suggestions, please let
me know.

Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

(snip)....Please don't get me wrong--I am not criticizing sabatical
replacements, just
what I have experienced, observed and heard from other adjunct art
instructors. Is there a way we can change how we are treated?

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
On Lake Superior, where the sky meets the Lake