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specifications for the international potter's path tiles

updated tue 14 dec 04


Janet Kaiser on mon 13 dec 04

Oh dear me! I should have known NOT to say something and then go
off-line for a week! So sorry for not answering you Martha, Mishy
and everyone else who has mailed me and/or Clayart, but I have
had a little reorganisation in my new PC corner which has taken a
good deal longer than these things used to do in the days I could
touch the floor with the palms of my hands and bend around
corners whilst doing the spits! For one thing I never ever used
to get stuck down on the floor, under the desk and have to wait
for Himself to come home from fetching the Sunday papers to
rescue me bottom and feet first! But all that is beside the

Many thanks to Kathy S. (who has visited the Path in person with
her hubby and two delightful children) and Tig D. (who has not
visited, but also made some pretty neat tiles) for shouting up
their support. Also Angela, Eleanor and Co. for posting where to

Yes, all you present, prospective and
perhaps/maybe/thinking-about-it Path Makers thanks in advance for
taking it up! The information is at:
ml> but if you follow the link to the "printer friendly" page, it
should fit onto a single sheet of paper (if you set your printer
margins to zero) which makes it easier to pin up somewhere around
your workspace... It would be really great if everyone got
friends/students/teachers to have a go too. Bonnie H. has arm
wrestled most of her family into making a contribution as you
will see on the "recent arrivals" page of the **Potters' Path
Section** of If you look through the pages of
examples and the names of makers... Well you will see lots of
familiar names! Even the pages showing our Path Makers
visiting... There are Clayarters from all over the world: north,
south, east and west!

Truly wonderful tiles... Even if you have no intention of making
one, please check out a few and admire the work.... The most
recent group action was the Trans-Cultural Exchange which Alisa
C. in Denmark also participated in. We were made into a sort of
extra optional site thanks to Alisa who told the organisers about
the one and only "original"! LOL! Did you get their recent
"offer" Alisa? A tile certified from the exchange for a snip at
US$150? I have not followed that up to find out exactly what that
is all about, but I am not sure it does not sort of devalue the
project? What do you think? Hard to tell because I presume that
the funds do contribute to UNESCO? I hope so.

The aim of one tile per million people or even a single
representative from each country in the world was probably a bit
optimistic, but we were so enthusiastic back in 1997 when we
started the project! This would be the list for each
country/number of tiles if Santa and all his little helpers could
just do their stuff right this very minute:

Afghanistan 26; Albania 3; Algeria 31; Andorra 1; Angola 12;
Antigua and Barbuda 1; Armenia 4; Azerbaijan 8; Bahamas 1;
Bahrain 1; Bangladesh 125; Barbados 1; Belarus 10; Belize 1;
Benin 6; Bhutan 1; Bolivia 8; Bosnia and Herzegovina 4; Botswana
1; Brunei 1; Bulgaria 8; Burkina Faso 12; Burundi 6; Cambodia 12;
Cameroon 16; Cape Verde 1; Central African Republic 3; Chad 8;
Chile 15; China 1,255; Colombia 39; Comoros 1; Congo 3; Costa
Rica 3; Croatia 5; Cuba 11; Cyprus 1; Czech Republic 10; The
Congo 50; Djibouti 1; Dominica 1; Dominican Republic 8; Ecuador
12; Egypt 66; El Salvador 6; Equatorial Guinea 1; Eritrea 4;
Estonia 2; Ethiopia 60; Fiji 1; Gabon 2; Gambia 1; Georgia 5;
Ghana 20; Grenada 1; Guatemala 12; Guinea 8; Guinea-Bissau 2;
Guyana 1; Haiti 8; Honduras 6; Hungary 10; Iceland 1; Indonesia
212, Iraq 22; Republic of Ireland 4; Ivory Coast 16; Jamaica 3;
Jordan 5; Kazakhstan 15; Kenya 29; Kiribati 1; N Korea 21; S
Korea 47; Kuwait 2; Kyrgyzstan 5; Laos 5; Lebanon 4; Lesotho 2;
Liberia 3; Libya 5; Liechtenstein 1; Macedonia 2; Madagascar 15;
Malawi 10; Malaysia 23; Maldives 1; Mali 10; Malta 1; Marshall
Islands 1; Mauritania 3; Mauritius 2; Micronesia 1; Moldova 4;
Monaco 1; Mongolia 3; Morocco 28; Mozambique 20; Myanmar 48;
Namibia 2; Nauru 1; Nepal 24; Nicaragua 5; Niger 10; Nigeria 114;
Norway 5; Pakistan 147; Palau 1; Panama 3; Papua New Guinea 5;
Peru 27; Philippines 75; Poland 39; Portugal 10; Qatar 1;
Roumania 23; Russia 147; Rwanda 8; St. Kitts and Nevis 1; St.
Lucia 1; St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1; Samoa 1; San Marino 1;
S=E3o Tom=E9 and Principe 1; Saudi Arabia 21; Senegal 10;
Seychelles 1; Sierra Leone 5; Singapore 4; Slovakia 5; Slovenia
2; Solomon Islands 1; Somalia 7; Sri Lanka 19; Sudan 29; Suriname
1; Swaziland 1; Syria 16; Tajikistan 6; Tanzania 31; Thailand 60;
Togo 4; Tonga 1; Trinidad and Tobago 1; Tunisia 10; Turkmenistan
5; Tuvalu 1; Uganda 23; Ukraine 50; United Arab Emirates 3;
Uzbekistan 25; Vanutu 1; Vatican City 1; Venezuela 24; Vietnam
80; Yemen 16; Zambia 10

Yeh... LIke we will ever get 1,255 tiles from China!? They have
forty cities with a population of over a million... Even a single
one "Made in China" would be wonderful just now!! LOL! Right now
I am trying to design a fitting tile for each country, so when we
get a kiln it will be easier to get started. All ideas and images
from clay arters would be most appreciated!!! I mean to say, some
of these countries I have never heard about before let alone got
some idea as to the terraine, politics, climate, environment,
culture... If I put a monkey on a tile because it will be from
Africa, but the it turns out that it is really sub-saharan
suffering from desertification... Well it all gets really
difficult. There are not enough coconuts to go around!!! Truly...
SO many little island nations where the main (only) product is
palm oil. Then what about all those Istans formerly just regions
within the UdSSR? I cannot think beyond caviar, cotton, horses
and oil! Ah well....

Again... Sorry not to reply IMMEDIATELY, but I am now plugged
back in and able to answer any additional questions you may have.
Oh... Yes. In case anyone wonders... The Path is in a
conservation area and is written into a clause in the deeds. That
means that it cannot be taken out in the future and is equal in
law to the "thou shalt not drink (alcohol), dance or gamble"
already in writing and legally binding when we acquired the
building back in 1989! LOL!

Must go... Still got all my cards to write... Amnesty
International this year... Like a candle in the wind...

Love and Light to all

Janet Kaiser

Hausa saying of the day:
"Better the smallest present than the most magnificent meanness"
(Hausa are from Niger and Nigeria)

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