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studio for rent/sale in berkeley, ca

updated tue 14 dec 04


Barbara Bobes on mon 13 dec 04

Private Studio Space will be available at the Berkeley Potters Guild. See
below and for more details go to, select Guild
Members, select Barbara Bobes.
I will be retiring from pottery after 14 years at the Berkeley Potters
Guild and my studio will be available March 1st. It is fully equiped,
includes a 60 cu ft gas kiln, Scutt electric kiln, Brent wheel and is 475
sq ft of private work space.

Rent is $484 with leasehold purchase, or $514 with long-term sublease.

Benefits are:
*Established retail business operating in the same location for 33 years.
*Huge customer base for two annual sales and weekend gallery shop.
*Great group of people; 19 potters with lots of skill and enthusiasm.
*Member page for promotion on the Guild website.
*Community of clay artists in the Bay Area that is supportive and dynamic

Please contact me directly with any inquiries at or call