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uk mailing for potters (plus ot textile question)

updated wed 15 dec 04


Janet Kaiser on tue 14 dec 04

This is the wrong time of year to ask me a question which needs a
long answer! As a matter of fact there is already a lot in the
archives pertaining specifically to the UK.

For what it is worth... If I was going into business as a potter
who made large scale work which then needed shipping either
nationally or internationally, I would get somebody else to come
in to ship for me.

I wish I had a =A31 for each parcel we packed. Never any
breakages except the very last shipment I sent. "Compound"
fracture in the centre. That usually happens when the package is
stationary, but something has been dropped on top of it.
Everything "gives" but occasionally the bottom can push upwards
and the top is depressed, so whatever is in the middle gets all
the impact. Anyway... We packed work to return to makers/artists
as well as work that was shipped to customers, but it was not a
regular enough occurrence to make it worth while signing a
contract. If you meet the shippers' minimum requirements, it is
worth paying that little extra to save yourself the time and
energy, not to mention the hassle. They come to you and do all
the packing themselves because they are then sure it has been
correctly and adequately packed. They/their insurers then pay out
for any loss or breakage which occurs.

All other companies will only insure for the "material costs"
which were used for manufacture. In ceramics that is usually a
very small amount... The cost of clay, glazes, energy. Again...
Full details on this... Look in the archives.

If there is enough profit on any one piece, courier delivery is a
possibility. That is door to door. Glass artists tend to use this
more often, but then they have larger profit margins.

No company is any better or worse than the next IM not so HO. A
company is only as good as its worst employee. Cost is something
else. Parcel Force in this area was very good, but now that all
services have been centralised and the man on this route is an
animal (ultra aggressive, surly, yob) it has deteriorated
considerably... UPS and other major players have sub-contractors
doing their delivery and collections. Again...

OT: Are any Clayarters also textile artists on the side? Or know
someone who is? I need about 18 inches each of Kreinik #4 fine
braid in green and dark green (015hl and 3215) to finish off a
project, but cannot contemplate paying over =A33 per reel plus
=A33 postage just now. If someone can send me the yarn, I will
send them a cross stitch chart for Roman Pots in return! Or The
Chapel of Art Memorial Sampler -- whichever they prefer!

"Giving is a matter of the heart, don`t say it is a matter of
wealth" Swahili (East African) saying


Janet Kaiser -- PROCRASTINATING... I need to finish the Friends'
Christmas Newsletter, so that I can then write the letters, to go
into the cards, so that Himself can buy the stamps and co-sign,
and... and... and... Yes, I suffer from it too. It is simple
procrastination, Phil! Plain and simple. Plain as the nose on my
face. Which is the **polite** version of a WWI army adage from
the trenches... Eyes shut all you refined people. Got them shut

OK... Dolita... Gayle... TC... Get this... Apparently when
stating the obvious or an "obvious" statement had been made by
the top brass, somebody would say "Plain as my/his/your arse
hole" to which the others would add the rider... "Aye, and we'll
have that for ten years after we're dead and buried".
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