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burning inside burner tubes

updated tue 11 jan 05


David Woof on wed 29 dec 04

Last year, after limping in six hours late to cone 10 with one burner out because of back burning in the tube   I disassembled the unit and behind the orfice, supply side, I found a sticky very miniture spider egg sack partially obstructing the orfice.    Imagine a spider small enough to crawl through a propane orfice.   My gass supplier/tech tells me other corrosion matter or debris can and does cause the same burning in the tubes.

 happy future fireings, your problem may be this simple to solve.

David Woof


 still peering over the edge, reverently taking an irreverent look at everything.

Pfeiffer, Dan R (Dan) on mon 10 jan 05

Thanks to Vince and his advice on burner mod's I have got my Olympic to
finally stop back burning, at lease in my first round of testing. I still
need to fire for real but there is some hope. I got a pipe nipple and put a
coupler on the end with a big washer with 4 holes drilled in it and it seem
to work fine. The end result is a pipe the same length as the original but
the end expands and holes the washer sitting on top. If I was thinking a bit
faster I could have put an adapter to a larger size pipe on the end of the
short nipple and make a much bigger and maybe a bit more smooth transition
on the end.

Dan & Laurel in Elkmont