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updated wed 5 jan 05


Christeena on mon 3 jan 05

Can anyone help me with colored slip? I'm wanting to use slips b/c my kiln
will not fire to cone 10 anymore and cone 06 glazes are too expensive for
my studio budget. Can someone help me with how to make different color
slips (recipes?) and where I can buy the raw material for them at? Any
other info would be great as well! I'm new to the pottery community! Thank

Cindy on tue 4 jan 05

Dear Christeena,

I'm not a real big slip person, but I'm wondering why your kiln will not
fire to ^10 anymore. Could be you need new elements. Might be a switch
that's out. Probably it's not going to be terribly expensive to fix.

Also, of course, there's always ^6 which is less expensive and easier on the
kiln than ^10. Going from ^10 to ^06 now, that's a really big switch and a
whole other kind of pottery. There are lots of people here who will help you
with slips, of course, but you might want to look into finding someone local
to have a look at your kiln.

Best wishes,
Cindy in SD

Ivor and Olive Lewis on tue 4 jan 05

Dear Christeena,
One good source of information which may serve you well is in James
Chappell, "The Potter's Complete book of Clay and Glazes"
If you can access it, look in Ch 14 "Engobes - Cone 04 - 11. P 126
gives a run down of basic colouring oxides and percentages to use.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.