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bowls for mendocino workshop - from the workshop organizer

updated wed 5 jan 05


Earth and Fire Pottery on tue 4 jan 05

Hi everyone-

It should be obvious that i have not been following clayart much lately. Here is the straight skinny on the bowl situation. Bring a bowl for a bowl exchange. This is just like the mug exchange at NCECA that Clayart does. It fun. I changed it to a bowl exchange because my kitchen pantry is just FULL of wonderful mugs, and because my favorite shape is a bowl. When you do your own workshop, you get to choose what you want. The second pot requested doesn't have to be a bowl. Like at the LaCrosse workshop, I would like everyone to bong a piece that is reflective of what they do, who they are. We will be having a 'gallery opening and reception' on Friday night in the gallery at the Mendocino Art Center. A 'get to know each other' event. I will send out an e mail to each participant making this very clear.

I look forward to meeting you all at the workshop. The Thursday night opening reception is being sponsored by the Orchard Valley Pottery Guild, the Saturday night fiddling entertainment is being sponsored by KOZT-FM, a Fort Bragg fm radio station. Fort Bragg is next to Mendocino. KOZT was voted small market station of the year by the National Association of Broadcasters two years ago. Best in the nation. And it is. Laguna Clay West is donating clay, and of course, the Mendocino Art Center is the location. This is a center where art such as weaving, ceramics, jewelery, and more is taught. They have a artist in residence program, with people from all over the country come to work. They also have an 88 seat theater where many productions are staged during the year.

Presenters include Mel, Karen Terpstra, Doug Grey, Steve Branfman, myself, and others. This is going to be one great workshop. It's all about fun, and just about throwing. Nothing will be kept or fired. It's about process, not product.

On behalf of the Potters Council and the American Ceramic Society, I want to thank in advance everyone who has helped put this on. For more information, visit .

If there are any more questions, please feel free to e mail me.

Also, my weather watchers say the weekend will be nice.

See you there! Gregg

Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
Instructor - Mendocino College
Board Member Potters Council
Mail only: PO Box 402
Cobb, Ca. 95426
UPS etc.: 10325 Brookside Drive
Whispering Pines, Ca. 95426
e mail:

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