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surfing with helen bates - various sites of interest - january 7, 2005

updated sat 8 jan 05


Helen Bates on fri 7 jan 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - various sites of interest - January 7, 2005

Hello Clayarters,

Here are some more sites for you...

Sarah Peek (Brighton, England, UK)
< >
Conservation of Cermics Glass and Enamels with interesting "before and
after" pictures, including one of British potter Mo Jupp's sculptures.

Kyoto National Museum (Kyoto, Japan)
< >
The Ceramics "Stories" of Tenmoku Teabowls, a three-layered food box, a
ewer, a figurine.

J and J Trips - Pottery Tours in Myanmar and India
< >
Arts and culture ecotours and treks in India, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma),
Laos, Tibet and other special places, led by Jim Danisch and Oma Judith
Chase. See the link to their discussion of the controversial countries
Myanmar and Nepal. (The Nepal trip for 2005 has been cancelled, in
fact.) The Floating Pottery of Myanmar visit is so far still on the
program, but I wonder if the tsunami disaster will force a cancellation
there too? (The photo album is not enabled, unfortunately, but there
are some nice images on the main pages.

Catherine, E. Rosengren, (Lakota Tile Studio) (Lakota, IA, USA)
< >
Bright and interesting designs on ceramic tiles of various shapes

Eva KADASI Eva - (Czechoslovakia) (Eva Kadasi)
< >
Porcelain sculptures of great delicacy

Veatrijs Van Rheeden, Veatrijs (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
< >
Porcelain sculptural objects made from Limoges porcelain from France.
The work is made by hand and pinchbuilt to a very fine and thin wall.
Garden seats are made of red or white firing stoneware that is
frost-resistant. Van Rheeden builds up these works as a whole, after
which it is cut into pieces which are then put back together for the
work to dry as one piece. After the biscuit fire certain parts are
glazed and fired again.

Paleczny, Catherine (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada)
< >
Stoneware organic sculpture and installations of ceramic multiples.
Paleczny was born in USA, studied Internationally and now lives in
Ontario, Canada.

Enjoy these...


Helen Bates

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