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jared update 1-10-05

updated tue 11 jan 05


Charles Moore on mon 10 jan 05

Clayart friends,

Today I received an email from Steven Branfman reporting on Jared's =
progress following his stem cell transplant. Jared is now 6 weeks home =
from the hospital, 10 weeks since the transplant. Steven said that the =
transplant and the extended hospital stay took its toll on Jared's =
strength and general condition, but he has regained his sense of taste =
and has gained 15 of the 30 pounds that he lost. Because he is still =
vulnerable to infection he is living in quarantine from possible sources =
of infection, including the bacteria of clay, unfortunately. =20

Though he is still mainly using a wheel chair, he has begun to depend =
more and more on his walker, putting greater and greater weight on his =
legs to gain strength. His blood counts have largely recovered =
sufficiently to allow visits from the massage therapist.

As you would expect, Jared's occupations are limited to reading, TV, =
music, and movies. According to Steven, "Jared is now far enough out of =
treatment for the likelihood of any additional side effects to surface =
to be very remote. All we can do now is continue to be patient and hope =
for the best."

This is the best news that we have yet received since Jared's cancer =
first surfaced. We wish young Jared the best recovery possible.

Charles Moore