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graduate application portfolio

updated wed 12 jan 05


Joanne D. Phillips on tue 11 jan 05

Other info regarding applying to graduate school.

Are you a match for the school? Do your research. If your portfolio is
primarily functional and the school's focus is sculpture, then perhaps your
portfolio will not be of interest to anyone.

To continue this further, you will probably be matched with a specific
professor. What professor/educator at a specific school would you like to
work with? Review his/her work and publications and be prepared to discuss
their work as well as the other educators work at any school were you get an
interview/portfolio review.

Also, appling to more schools increases your chances of being admitted
somewhere. My spouse applied to 15 schools for graduate school and 12 for
his PhD. He would have been happy going to any of them, all of them
provided excellent education. Obviously he had his preferences, but time was
more important than waiting for a specific school.

Hope this helps as well.