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updated wed 12 jan 05


Avril Farley on tue 11 jan 05

Avril and Jacqui are coming to play

Baltimore calls us In U S of A

We've booked up our planes We don't care if it rains=20

NCECA for us, Hip Hooray!!!

From North and South Wales, We so long to meet you

With our friendly faces,, We hope to delight you.

Look out for a tall one, Look out for a small one

Grey/blonde and brunette,I am sure you will sight one

If sighted, treat kindly, We'll both be a' tremble

When Clayarters go to 'The Room' to assemble.=20

We'll meet on the day of the 16 of March,

We're really quite bendy ,No Upper lip starch.

We're both so excited we're coming your way

NCECA NCECA Oooooooh hip hip hooray

Avril in the Forest UK