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summer 2005 workshops at appalachian center for craft

updated fri 14 jan 05


Paul Lewing on wed 12 jan 05

I can't tell you all how excited I am to be doing a week-long china painting
workshop at ACC. It will be the first time I've taught this workshop, and I
really hope to introduce a whole bunch of people to a whole new kind of
ceramic decorating. I'm hoping there will be some traditional china
painters there as well as potters.
I wish now I'd called it "Not you grandmother's china paint". Please don't
ignore this class because you don't want to paint pink roses. It's paint,
folks- it'll do anything you want. Don't even pass it up because you can't
draw- I'll show you how, and I guarantee you can do it. And if you're into
painting, this is more like painting than any other ceramic thing you can
do. And it will be the complete opposite end of the ceramic spectrum from
the wood-fire workshop that will be going on at the same time.
I'm just glad all the Clayarters don't have to choose between mine and David
Hendley's class. Although it sure would be fun to be there at the same time
as David.
Paul Lewing Seattle

Vince Pitelka on wed 12 jan 05

Here's our lineup for workshops this summer. It looks like a wonderful =
workshop season. Get your registration in early. To register, call =
615/597-6801. You can find more information about workshop registration =
at our website at If you want to =
receive a print brochure and get on the mailing list, please call the =
above number or email

If you have questions about workshop content or structure, please email =
our workshop coordinator Gail Gentry at =20

The workshop teachers include two Clayart gurus - David Hendley and Paul =
Lewing. Both do a wonderful job on workshops. =20

Appalachian Center for Craft, Summer 2005 Workshops
June 6-10
Wheel Throwing, Handbuilding & Image Transfer Fun!
Juan Granados
Discover unique ways to alter wheel thrown forms. Gain skill with fast =
and easy handbuilding processes. Learn to transfer images onto handbuilt =
pieces. All skill levels
Juan Granados, MFA Ohio State University at Columbus, current Associate =
Professor of Art at Texas Tech University, has work exhibited nationally =
and internationally and published in national and international =

June 13-17
Creative Construction
Wesley Smith
Use the wheel, extruder and handbuilt pieces to create strong and =
energetic forms. Learn to transform ordinary pieces into complex =
structures. Add interesting surface treatments and "parts" to your =
creations. (Note: Students take home bisque ware; glazing is =
Wesley Smith, MFA Texas Tech University, BFA University of Tennessee, is =
currently the Resident Artist in Clay at the Appalachian Center for =
Craft and exhibits his work nationally.

June 20-24
China Painting
Paul Lewing
Explore the most painterly of ceramic decorating mediums in new ways. =
Use both oil- and water- based mediums to paint on pots and tile, and =
complete both individual and collaborative pieces with traditional and =
innovative techniques. This is not an ordinary ceramic workshop! All =
skill levels; Materials Fee $10, payable to instructor during workshop
Paul Lewing has used china paint for almost 20 years to create unique =
tile murals. He is nationally known as an artist and glaze chemist and =
author of the forthcoming book, "China Paint & Overglazes."

June 20-29
Functional Pots for the Wood Kiln
Peg Malloy and Charity Davis-Woodard
This ten-day workshop provides time to explore and expand upon throwing =
and altering techniques and surface decoration for the two-chamber =
Bourry Box kiln. White stoneware or porcelain is used to take best =
advantage of this style of wood firing. Through demonstrations of their =
own work and slides of historical and contemporary pottery and other =
objects, the instructors will encourage students to pursue an individual =
style based on personal aesthetics and experiences. =20
Peg Malloy, a studio potter in Colorado for over 20 years, is best known =
for work with forms and shapes inspired by the atmospheric condition of =
the wood kiln.
As a full-time studio potter, Charity Davis-Woodard works at her rural =
home-based studio in Edwardsville, Illinois, where she focuses on =
limited-production and one-of-a-kind wood-fired porcelain pottery.

June 27-July 1
Lidded Vessels
Michael Connelly
Explore the contradictions and continuities of mirrored forms. Analyze =
the interior of the ceramic vessel comparatively to its exterior. Study =
the relationship between throwing to trimming and the balance between =
expressing and compressing. Learn to build finials, handles, spouts and =
lids and apply to the construction of bowls, lidded vessels and teapots. =
Michael Connelly, adjunct Associate Professor, Alfred University, New =
York, MFA from Alfred University, studio potter, teaches workshops at =
Haystack, Archie Bray and Penland and has work held in permanent =
collections including China Yaoware Museum, the Schein-Joseph =
International Museum of Ceramic Art and Pitzer College.=20

July 11-15
Pottery as Expression
Josh De Weese
Develop a personal language with pottery as a form of expression. Gain =
experience with different methods for making pots, using both throwing =
and handbuilding techniques, and firing in an atmospheric salt and/or =
soda kiln. Shared and discussed are ideas and information for surface =
treatments and firing techniques. Slides of the artist's work and of =
the Archie Bray Foundation compliment this hands-on experience. All =
skill levels
Josh DeWeese, a ceramic artist and the Resident Director of the Archie =
Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, has exhibited and taught workshops =
internationally and his work is included in public and private =
collections around the world.

July 18-22
Raku for Breakfast
William Capshaw
Explore basics of raku firings. Learn how to read the kiln and pots for =
accurate firing. Experience the joy of using different combustibles to =
achieve superb finishes along with creative ways of manipulating glazes. =
Plan to bring ten 4-inch to 8-inch bisque fired pots made from raku =
clay. All skill levels
Primarily known for creative surface embellishments, Bill Capshaw, who =
holds a MFA/BFA, is a raku artist/instructor/vocalist, exhibiting and =
competing nationally and internationally.

July 25-29
Tricks of the Trade
David Hendley
Learn many techniques that save time and money from this 25-year veteran =
of the clay studio. Work on functional forms such as plates, bowls and =
cups, combining throwing on the potter's wheel, handbuilding and =
extruding. Homemade hand tools pay an important part in many of the =
"tricks," so tool-making demonstrations are scheduled during the week. =
David Hendley owns and operates Old Farmhouse Pottery in Maydelle, =
Texas, is a columnist for Clay Times magazine, and serves as president =
of the Potters Council of the American Ceramics Society.

August 1-5
Totems for the Garden
Vincent Sansone
Design and complete a totem for the garden. Work collaboratively or =
individually to create both wheel thrown parts and handbuilt sections. =
Slides and actual examples serve as visual aids along with =
demonstrations throughout the workshop. Glues and anchoring systems are =
discussed for installation methods. Intermediate-Advanced
Vincent Sansone, a studio potter for 33 years, has a BFA and MFA from =
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, is head of 3D Department at =
Crealde School of Art, Florida, has wo

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111,

Milla Miller on thu 13 jan 05

Dear Vince,

How much is the room and board at your program?.It is not noted in your post.
That can often be more than the program cost.
just curious............

Vince Pitelka on thu 13 jan 05

> How much is the room and board at your program?.It is not noted in your
> post.
> That can often be more than the program cost.
> just curious............

Good point. That's all available on the website, of course. But the room
and board cost for a five-day workshop is only $265, which is a
BAAAAAARGAIN. We have very comfortable condominium-style housing, and
excellent food services in our dining hall - three meals a day. The housing
units also have kitchenetts - great for late-night snacks and improvised

Needless to say, the room and board costs will be greater for the Charity
Davis-Peg Mallow workshop, since it is 10 days. I would imagine that it
will be twice as much.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111,