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online registration for nceca in baltimore 2005

updated fri 21 jan 05


wjskw@BELLSOUTH.NET on tue 18 jan 05

For whatever reason, if you are waiting to register for NCECA
Baltimore, and planning on doing so online there are a few things
you should know:

First of all, it's trust me.

Early (online) registration has been extended to January 23; after
that, it costs you more.

If you intend to register online, you will need a user name and
password. Don't have one? You cannot get one online. For that,
you have to call and speak to Dawn.

How to reach Dawn? Toll free (in the US) 866-266-2322. From
everywhere else in the known universe: 303-828-2811
To reach Dawn, you'll need to hit "1" afterward

Call early. You're going to get voicemail, and you need to leave
your name and phone number so Dawn can call you back.

I feel a VVVVV RANT VVVVV coming on

IMHO, if I can go to ANY online store and order thousands of dollars
in merchandise with a credit card, and register at the same time,
why can't I do so for a conference? Are we all that special? (Of
course we are...we be potters!)

Too many damn hoops through which to jump, especially for folk that
have been members in previous years and are listed in the current
directory. Think of all the money in long distance fees NCECA has
to pay to call us all back. Think of all those aching knees, bad
backs, arthritic elbows, and potter's butts trying to get through
the hoops! But hey, what do _I_ know?
As we like to say down here in Florida...register early, register, or is that "vote"??!!

Wayne Seidl

Dolita on tue 18 jan 05

You can also get your password from Just send an email
telling them you need to log-in and they will send an email back within a


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PurpleLama@AOL.COM on thu 20 jan 05

Just went online to register. Discovered two things
1) The deadline for early registration to avoid late fees has been extended to FEBRUARY 1st
2) Can't register online for day passes.

Filthadelphia, PA
AKA Philadelphia, PA USA