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potters stool, studio production slowdown,

updated fri 21 jan 05


arouter on thu 20 jan 05

cup exchange............ long

Hi All,

Stool -
As I set up a secondary studio in Tucson I am scrounging around second hand
shops for various items. I came across a vanity stool.... It's ugly but this
thing a gem and was $10. It has a piano stool-like design and the height can
be adjusted and the seat is padded. So far I have scored big time on items
for this studio. Now I have to get in there and get some work done.

Production slowdown -

January is traditionally the month I vegetate and stress out over getting my
paper work and show applications done.... note I didn't say, "get it done" I
said, "stress out" over getting it done. I wish Bonnie Hellman lived here
and not just here for a brief visit a few weeks ago. There just are some
people I wish she could be cloned! Just think....we could have our gurus in
every city!!!
I expected to use setting up a studio here as an excuse for my inertia...
but I had the electrician and kiln in and ready the week we arrived... that
blew my cover!!!!
Tuesday I was in a great shop here in Tucson with a friend of mine as she
delivered some of her work. I gave the owner my card and she was excited
with my work and said to bring in an assortment of pieces this week.
That jogged my inertia and I actually got into the studio yesterday but as I
sat down to throw some bowls the drama back home in WA continued. The
plumber arrived to install a new water heater and told my daughter
installation would be $687. This was after telling me it would be about $150
a week earlier. The heater is under warrantee. So we refused installation
and they incorrectly hooked up the leaking one back and left. They had to
come back to fix the new leaking and get hot water. Life as a drama queen is
not an easy life!:-)
So I only got 3 bowls done but that was more than I had done in weeks. Guess
where I'm headed after I send this posting...

Cup exchange-
A few years ago I did the stay at home exchange with Don Hokinsson.
I had made embarrassing few mugs at that point as they are not my favorite
item to produce (I plan to conquer that flaw this year). In my opinion the
saving grace was my sgraffito design on it which is my signature strength.

When I received Don's mug I was astounded by the perfection of it.... it was
and still is one of the most perfect (and favorite) mugs I have to date.
The mug and handle fit perfectly in my hand and hubby's whose is much larger
than mine.
It's rim is downright sensuous... a perfect curve and glaze.
It is lightweight yet holds the heat well.
The design is simple yet exciting.
The glaze simple yet is intriguing.
The trimmed bottom smooth as a baby's bottom.
This mug exudes a quiet mastery.

Now my Clayart exchange point..............

Receiving Don's mug made me realize what and where my flaws lay.
It was perhaps one of the best instructional moments I have ever had.
It raised my awareness and the bar for me.

I wrote to Don repeatedly praising his mug... I'm sure he thought I was a
nut (which is an accurate assessment). However it was and remains a defining
moment in my development as a potter.

I received very much more than Don received from me. He got an amateur mug
with a nice surface design and his gracious acceptance it was yet another

So this to me is what the clay community is all about. At stages in our
development we may get more than we give but conversely at other stages give
more than we get. It all balances out and enriches our lives. This is what
defines the richness and growth of our group. I love youse guys!

Gayle Bair
Tucson, AZ ........sunny and soon to be in the 70's.
Bainbridge Island, WA......... waiting for water heater resolution

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I did the same thing w/ mine: took off the back rest. I never think
about being uncomfortable at my wheel. SO I guess it works!
Jennifer 5'2 123 lbs Your mileage may vary

On Jan 20, 2005, at 12:44 AM, Randy O'Brien wrote:

> Hi Ilene,
> I've had one of these for a couple years now. Although it took a
> couple
> weeks to get used to the change, I love it. The first thing I did was
> to
> take the back off though. The narrow seat with no back makes it easy
> to get
> on and off the wheel. It's very stable, and very comfortable.
> Randy
> Tucson, AZ
> Original message:
> Is anyone using the funny looking potters stool from Creative
> Industries
> that is blue and white and looks like a motorcycle seat?????? Its
> called
> the.." ST1 Professional Potter's Stool ".

wjskw@BELLSOUTH.NET on thu 20 jan 05

cup exchange............ long

We DO have gurus in every city...worldwide. We have Clayart.
And I am ever grateful for it.
Wayne Seidl
practicing clay education through osmosis at this point :>(

I wish Bonnie Hellman lived here
and not just here for a brief visit a few weeks ago. There just are
people I wish she could be cloned! Just think....we could have our
gurus in
every city!!!