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tradecom 2005 dubai uae

updated sat 22 jan 05


Marek & Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson on sat 22 jan 05

Dear Clayarters,

just returned from a Trade Show (Building Materials etc. - ostensibly) =
in Dubai. The organisers are cheats, they go under the guise of ExpoLink =
and ArabianExposition. They are trying to do a Show in Melbourne later =
this year and also in Tanzania, also New Delhi and in Kenya. Do not =
trust these guys.

There was a dynamic that they did not reckon on at the Show with all the =
Exhibitors, many nationalities, getting together and succesfully getting =
these guys struck off from the World Trade Exhibition Centre in Dubai by =
petitioning the management. These guys really are the business, as they =
reacted so quickly to our concerns as to the voracity of the organisers, =
that they implemented a new set of regulations within hours. Dubai is a =
wonderful place to do business - all nationalities - and as English is =
widely spoken it is easy to communicate. In Dubai city itself there are =
some 38 large Shopping Malls, and increasing even as I write. There is =
room for every taste and culture here, worth a little research.

Happy potting Marek