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mug maker

updated tue 25 jan 05


Dale Neese on mon 24 jan 05

I don't know of any better item to start off the throwing cycle with than
mugs. Almost always I wedge and weigh out 20 to 30 balls of clay to make
mugs. Next day pull the handles. Start the feeling the rhythm. Seeing all
those leather hard mugs lined up under plastic in the evening, I just have
to visit with each one, smooth a foot here on one, gently test hold the
handle that one. All the time imagining the glaze that will dress each one.
I enjoy making mugs.
I know later this week unloading the mugs from the glaze firing I have to
choose which mugs to bring to the cup sale and ClayArt cup exchange for
NCECA. Set those aside, price and wrap the rest of the mugs in the boxes
for Rockport.
I am drinking hot coffee this morning and most every morning from a mug of
mine that didn't make the cut several years ago. Glaze gone wrong. Now it is
my favorite mug by the way it feels. Just the right amount of liquid to be
comfortable. It is going to be a great day if I drink from this mug in the
mornings. This mug tries to hide in the back of the cabinet but I can find
it in the dark just by touch.
Now out into the morning to take the "Dos Lickers" for a walk around the
neighborhood. Studio warming, Sun coming in. Nice.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA