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mugs & goblets

updated tue 25 jan 05


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on mon 24 jan 05

The greatest joy of having a collection of mugs lies
in watching your guests chose which one to use ...
and they all do chose a favorite ... I always make sure
I have at least two extras out so no one has to take
the last one.

Then, there are times when a mug goes home with a
new lover ... fun to see a guest's eyes light up when they
get to take their favourite home!

(Well, there are a few that are never even allowed to flirt,
let alone leave home ... noooo ... not even for a visit.)

As a host, I do not like pottery goblets because you
cannot tell when you need to refill a guest's glass ....
be it with water or wine ... and I myself dislike sitting
around a dinner table with an empty glass and no
polite way of refilling it myself.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - watching a golden hawk soaring
just outside my window ... looking for an easy meal at my bird
feeders ... watch em scatter when he swoops down!