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creating atmosphere to sell...... dead mug makers...advice anyone?

updated fri 28 jan 05


Kathy McDonald on thu 27 jan 05

I have been pondering why I am working harder than I did 10 years ago
..making better pots than I did 10 years ago,and making far far less $$
than I did 10 years ago. These snippets from other posts made me really

" "On Wednesday 26 January 2005 06:22 am, Beth Tate wrote:
> But alas, my studio is in my garage off a crack alley,
> not exactly "inviting" unless you want to get high.

A Ah, but Beth, you are in a perfect situation to sell
crack-pots. (I know, pretty lame.)
So, when folks say "Get your customer involved" I heartily
r recommend that approach. Those are fond memories for us."

Earl K...
Bothell WA, USA

I do remember the days when a kiln opening was a big event. Several potters
would get together and have an event...make food, make some wine,and send
out the
"word".....people would show up just to see and grab some ambience.

Pots did sell as fast as you could unload them from a kiln.

This does not happen today,and there are likely many reasons for that.
Ithink slick retailing of the Ikea variety is only part of the reason.
Times have changed, preferences have kids love Ikea,
as Tony says..they can walk in and get a "matching" set of dinnerware
for 40 bucks. My daughter gives her pottery away to friends, she grew up
around it......considers it "old hippie stuff".

I recently had this experience after a new person took the helm of one
of our local stores. I took my order in,,,,she asked if she could see it
I unpacked it,,,she lined up all the mugs (20 or so ).....
she saw 2 or so that were perhaps 1/4 inch shorter or taller
than the norm and proceeded to tell me that
she did not think this was acceptable ..her customers wanted "consistency".
And they wanted to be sure they could get exactly the same glaze
on their next purchase. Gas firing unfortunately produces variations.

i explained that they were all handmade and that there would be some
..however she was very insistent that people wanted them all the same....
Mea culpa....perhaps the mug maker is dead...

Craft sale revenues are way way down...retailers are becoming very
and I am wondering whether handmade and handcrafted has the same meaning
as it did a decade ago. The only things that areHOT sellers for me at the
time are tiles that are handpainted with bright colorful glazes, and raku

I am working on a way to make the colors work on bowls, platters, and
other functional pieces........maybe I'll grow in the process.

I think times have changed and I certianly need to reevaluate
what I am producing.......any comments,,,similiar experiences...advice?
I'm all ears.



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