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hank murrow's workshop at the appalachian center for crafts

updated sat 29 jan 05


Hank Murrow on fri 28 jan 05

Dear Clayart folks around the KY & TN area;

I will be presenting a workshop called "The Thrown Form: New
Beginnings" at the Appalachian Crafts Center near Smithville TN. The
workshop will be given on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd of April, the second weekend after NCECA. While much of the
presentation will concentrate on work begun on the wheel, I have added
a section on die-making and the extruder. I will be showing slides and
also a digital show of my "Migrations of the Heart" series Friday
evening, demonstrating the use of my tools on Saturday, and there will
be occasion for participants to try out the tools on Sunday before
sharing a potluck served on my dishes.

Perhaps those having endured/enjoyed my workshops last May/June on the
east coast will have useful commentary for those living in or near
Kentucky & Tennessee. Interested parties may check the website @

And those wanting to check out my work may visit

Cheers, and the hope of meeting you there,

Hank Murrow