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more on mugs

updated fri 4 feb 05


Bruce Davis on fri 28 jan 05

My favorite mug is a oversized thing that I had decorated with a beautiful
Iris and a blue background. The background came out mottled so I considered
it a second and used it for my morning coffee every day. Because I work
alone, I had many long imaginary conversations with it--it loved its morning
bubble baths, etc.....a real pal.
I began doing outdoor shows last year and did quite well and enjoyed the
whole process. The final show of the year I had to set up at 4 AM. I didn't
mind--really! Anyway, I drank my coffee on the way to the show and did my set sat near my cash box all weekend and people frequently asked
how much I wanted for it. Naturally, I told them it was my personal mug and
was not for sale. Finally, as the show was drawing to a close, a lady asked
me to sell it to her and she named a price I couldn't refuse------I am such a
whore.........I miss it so much....."where have you gone Big Blue??????"


Bruce Davis, Mud Run Pottery
Gulfport, MS

Lee Love on fri 4 feb 05

Not exactly a mug, but a tea cup on Ebay. ( Just to show you that not
all Japanese handles are bad):


Lee in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!