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mug maker here

updated sun 30 jan 05


Steve Dalton on fri 28 jan 05

Hey there's a mug maker here.
See me, I'm back here waving my hand!

I enjoy making mugs.

12 ounce coffee
1 pint tankards
12 ounce tumblers
10 ounce chalices

I usually make around hundred in each sitting.

Sometimes I'll make a few 5 pinters. Just
for some of us who get real thirsty.
5 pints of Guiness! No pain, no gain!

No stick. Just weigh and sight across.
I have less than a 1/4 inch variation.

Chalice bowls are off the hump but
I do use a depth/width gauge for them.
Also called a tambo stick.

Yep, the mug maker is present and
accounted for. 5 pints in hand!

Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, Wa