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nceca- parking and veg. food - two

updated tue 1 feb 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 31 jan 05


Sometimes I have no ( "0") manners, forgive me dear

In "Indy"...

I would have starved at my little Booth, had it not been for
Primalmommy ( Kelly), Kathy Forer ( Kathy) , Dolita (
Dolita) , Greg Linsey ( sp? - Greg) 'Jack' ( Jaqartstudio )
and...others (others) whose good will to run off and bring
back some chow,the best things they could find to keep me
goin', kept my sorry ass in the saddle instead of on the
ground like one of them Salvidore Dali 'Watches' or

Even if my (palmed like hi-school, courthouse, grocerystore,
airport, wherever, anytime, anywhere) Cigarettes bugged
'em...they were kind to me and gracious and fun.

For which I was and remain, humbley grateful and

It ain't easy bein' a Vegetarian who can not find a damned
Grow-sereeee-store in some sprawling downtown metropolis of
new-to-one City at the rain...


el ve

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> Hi Carol,
> My own experiences so-far, are that 'parking' is a
> of one's creativity and wits, and, so is chow.