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check out clayart - thread 'how can i make a new wooden bowl look like

updated thu 3 feb 05


Ed Huml on wed 2 feb 05

an old

The first and most important thing to do is really look at an old wooden
surface so you know what you are trying to copy. You will see that it has a nice
mellow color from age. Then it has a nice smooth surface you love to touch.
Now look at all the "character" you find in its' surface. All this is the

Great how do you do this on something new from the big box store? Don't buy
anything with a finish already on it as you would need to strip it off anyway.

Start with the raw wood and give it a little rough treatment, a few minor
dents or chips. Then add some light scratches from a knife or other approiate
kitchen tool. This is the character.

Now use some very fine sandpaper (200-400 grit) and give it that wonderful
smooth surface. Just don't try and sand out the character, only smooth the
surface. Now brew up some nice strong tea and use it as a stain. Soak the wood
and if it warps - great. When this is dry use something to smoothly burnish the
surface again. Just like doing terra sig. Burlap, old jeans, wood shavings
or even try one of those kitchen scrubber sponges for delicate surfaces.

All this amounts to Grandma using it daily, washing it well and tossing it
back into the pantry..............just speeded up a bit!

Good luck