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sprinkling ashes at lower temps, was re: paper resist, slips and ashes

updated fri 4 feb 05


Kate Johnson on thu 3 feb 05

He also talked about
>> sprinkling wood ash on the pots -- again, would this be pointless under
>> ^8? I suspect so, but there are always people who have made themselves
>> the exception to the rule.

Hi Kelly--

my experience, at least in the sprinking-of-ash area, is that I'm no
exception to the rule. At earthenware temps, my experiment was
definitely *not* an unqualified success--the ash remained dull and
lustreless spots on the glossy transparent glaze instead of fluxing. It was
worth a try, but I won't do it again...(I reglazed with another coat of
transparent and at least got a uniform surface...)

I think you might be able to do it at ^6, if not ^8, but the low fire
temperatures used with earthenware were not at all satisfactory with an ash
additive--VERY little fluxing evident. I may still try mixing some wet with
my glaze, but I was trying the sprinkling it on dry idea that someone
suggested, first, since I was fascinated with that example in one of the

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts