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paper resist, slips

updated sun 6 feb 05


May Luk on sat 5 feb 05


I do plenty paper resist and slips. I just use Hyplas 71 ball clay with
different stains for the colour. This is good for earthenware up to cone 9.
For white slip, just 50 ball clay and 50 china clay. I've seen very
complicated recipe for slips, but maybe the clay in the states is different.

I use newspaper and normal inkjet paper. I sometime silkscreen on the paper
before I put it on the clay, so I have contrasting design/colour when the
paper is lift up. Water mist is sprayed on the paper before laying it on the
clay to help it sticks completely. I sometimes draw on the paper after the
slip is somewhat dried and the clay is still leather underneath, so I have a
sgrafitto drawing on the resisted area. The design can be done on a computer
before hand if you don't want to do it freehand. The ink would bleed onto
the clay but would not show up after firing.

London, UK