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potters guild of b.c. and arrowsmith potters guild 50th & 10th

updated tue 8 feb 05


Les on mon 7 feb 05

Combined Anniversaries

Hi to you all an the Clayart List and especially those of you in the =
Pacific Northwest -

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Potters Guild of B.C. and the =
10th Anniversary of the Arrowsmith Potters Guild in Parksville in =
Mid-Vancouver Island we have planned a big party for Easter week-end. =
This will specifically be Saturday March 26th for one day. =20

The Eater Saturday will be a day crammed full of demonstrations, videos, =
Key note address, and much more.

We have assembled a real eclectic group of potters for you to meet and =
learn from. These folks are all B.C. Potters and their work varies =
extensively one from the other. The group is comprised of=20

Victor Duffhues - Vic's demonstration will be based on his years as a =
production thrower. Through this experience he has developed many =
unique tricks of throwing which he will pass along. Vic and his wife, =
Josee', own and operate JoVic Pottery located near Ladysmith on =
Vancouver Island where they produce wonderful functional and Raku =

Gordon Hutchens - Gordon lives on Denman Island (which is connected to =
Vancouver Island by ferry) where he operates his pottery. Gordon is =
widely known and respected for his work in crystalline glazes, salt, =
lustre, raku and stoneware pottery. Besides his work in raku and gas =
firing Gordon also has a large anagama wood-fired kiln. He will be =
showing some of his pieces from the last firing at our show.

Don Hutchinson - Don is a retired educator in Pottery from Langara =
College in Vancouver, B.C. Don has two studios, one in Vancouver on =
famous Granville Island and one at his home in White Rock, B.C. (White =
Rabbit Pottery) We will be seeing many unique ways to work in pottery =
when Don brings his expertise to our Show in Parksville. Although his =
work is in fictional pottery you will find him sharing a wide range of =
techniques with us.

Bob Kingsmill - Bob makes his home in beautiful Okanagan Valley but =
share a studio on Granville Island in Vancouver with Don Hutchinson. =
Bob is one of our B.C. potters who is most sought after for workshops. =
He is fun and colorful and does the most amazing things with clay ( huge =
masks and murals). Bob's work is both functional and decorative.

Sally Michener - Sally is a and-builder from West Vancouver. She will =
be demonstrating her techniques with assembling sculptures and =
displaying her figurative works.

Gillian McMillan - Gillian is from scenic Port Moody on Burrard Inlet. =
She works mainly in low fired earthenware. Gillian's work is very =
colorful as she has a great palette of bright slips with which she does =
her decoration. You must come and see her Bird Beak Jugs.

As a special feature of our Anniversary Party we will have a room set =
aside to display the works of three of our Bronfman Prize Winners.. This =
group of internationally famous potter includes Robin Hopper, Walter =
Dexter and Wayne Ngan. There are few of us who do not know these names. =
You will be able to see some of their pieces on display along with a =
biography of each potter. Keith Rice-Jones of our Potters Guild of =
B.C. will be giving a talk about each of these men and the treasured =
space they hold in our collective hearts.

The cost is $60.00 per person (Canadian funds). Lunch will be provided.

There will be a special dinner in the evening. The cost for the dinner =
will be $15.00 per person. There will be limited seating, so if you =
want to join us please let us know by return. Thanks.

The keynote speaker at the dinner will be Paul Mathieu. If you have =
heard Paul speak you will also be enticed to sign up for the dinner. To =
put it mildly, Paul is a "don't miss" speaker and will leave you with a =
smile after a great dinner.

You can check out the Arrowsmith web-site at = or phone our Studio/Gallery at =
250-954-1872 for tickets or to reserve a place.

We hope lots of our American friends and those of our Canadian friends =
that read this will come and join us for one of the big events of 2005, =
our Anniversary Year.

Les Crimp in Nanoose Bay, B.C. ( Vancouver Island)