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problems with slip-covered lace

updated fri 11 feb 05


clifton wood on wed 9 feb 05

Hi, everyone.

a friend of mine is working towards her bfa show.... her work is
great.... but she's having a problem, as described below. by the way,
she's working in porcelain & doing cone 6 soda firing.

clifton, norwich & sabra -

she's heard from me - repeatedly, i'm afraid - how great clayart is. so
it was natural that she ask the group about possible solutions.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

i can forward any responses to her, so she doesn't miss any while going
through the digest.



hi all,
i need some suggestions for something i'm trying to work on.

i'm using lace with my pieces by dipping the lace in slip and then
wrapping it over and pulling it on my pieces.

i'm having trouble with it showing up under glazes and in many cases
the glaze has been eating the detail.

is anyone doing anything similiar where they've gotten it to work

i believe it could be soda in my glazes that may be eating the detail.

any other suggestions? thanks so much!

Ivor and Olive Lewis on thu 10 feb 05

Dear Clifton Wood,
This young lady has left out detail that is needed to make an
assessment of her situation.
Are we to accept that this is a single firing process and that the
glazes she is applying, assisted by the extra fluxing activity from
the Sodium Carbonate are causing meltdown of finer elements after the
fabric has burned away ?
Perhaps she can provide information which is more precise?
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.