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anybody interested in my collection of old studio potter

updated fri 11 feb 05


elize marie mann on thu 10 feb 05


Interested..for sure but being a lurker for nearly two years now I thought
this might be out of my league.
Never had a ceramicsmagasin tillnow. So I wouldn't now what it would cost,
moneywise that is.
On the moment I am struggling my way through a school which is ment to
deliver professional potters. Meaning a lot of binary and other
glazetesting,which is actually great fun (and yes that very difficult to me
Seger too). Trying to get a grip on my fingers at the wheel, which always
tend to end up at all of the wrong places.Aso.Aso.(fortunately part of it is
also handbuilding which I simply love).
Never intended to be a professional potter actually but I simply love clay
and need to understand more about it that's all.

Another thing is that I am Dutch and therefore living in Holland......might
be not that easy to do the trick.

Bottom line.....very interested. me Clayart has been very helpful to widen my horison on what
ceramics can be.

Elize Marie Mann

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From: "David Hendley"
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 3:28 AM
Subject: Re: Anybody interested in my collection of old Studio Potter

> I am replying to this since I saw no responses on Clayart - maybe some
> replied privately to Terry.
> Except for Volumes I and II, I have the same collection. I can't begin to
> describe how wonderful and useful this collection was, and is. Believe it
> or not, I still, 30 years later, refer back to these magazine at least a
> couple of times a year when researching a subject. There is the 'copper
> red issue', the 'porcelain issue', 'the Bernard Leach issue', the
> 'woodfiring
> issue', and on and on.
> If you are familiar with recent issues of Studio Potter, these early
> are quite different. There is a heavy emphasis on nuts-and-bolts technical
> matters, solid information about running a studio pottery operation, and
> down-to-earth advice, as well as philosophical and aesthetics musings.
> David Hendley
> Working hard to make sure there is no mug left behind
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> > I'm wondering if there is interest in my collection of Studio Potter
> magazines: I have a set of them
> > (published twice yearly) begining with Volume 1 Number 1 (from Fall,
> thru Volume 22,
> > Number 2. (I am however missing Volume 17, Number 2 and & Volume 18,
> Number 1 & 2 -- they
> > are still in print, however). My understanding is that the first 5
> are now out of print, and
> > presumably the older volumes will also expire someday.
> >
> > Its such a wonderful magazine, and its such a pleasure to look back at
> people and pots and
> > discussions of years past. My copies are in good condition, with one
> backcover dog eared and a
> > faint smell of mildew in most of them. I've no idea what to ask for them
> and I'd like to gauge
> > potential interest and to find a good home for them.
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