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fine line slip and glaze applicator source discovered

updated sun 13 feb 05


Dan Saultman on fri 11 feb 05

There is a woodworking franchise that is called "Rockler Woodworking &
They have many stores around the country. While browsing in this store
I noticed that they have a section for glue applicators. They have a
needle point squeezable glue bottle that would be perfect for fine line
glaze or slip applications. They also offer a "change-a-tip pak" that
fits the little squeeze bottle. This tip pak includes 7 tips, 2 extra
caps that have a unique twist-lock design so that the tapered plastic
tips lock into place. This is just what I was looking for since the
bottle is small and the tips can be trimmed to produce a size to your
liking but starting our very fine indeed. You even get a couple of caps
for the tip. Price $7.50 for the items mentioned.

Dan Saultman