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clayart mug exchange at baltimore nceca conference

updated mon 14 feb 05


David Hendley on sat 12 feb 05

Once again, here are details for this year's Mug Exchange at the
NCECA Conference.

The 8th Annual Clayart Mug Exchange will take place in the Clayart Room,
at the NCECA Conference in Baltimore, just after 6:30 p.m. on Friday,
March 18.

Since there is a well organized stay-at-home exchange, the one at NCECA
is limited to people attending the conference, who are able to meet at
6:30 for the exchange. DO NOT bring mugs to the exchange for your
friends who stayed home or could not be at the Clayart Room at 6:30
Friday. We find it's much more fun when you get to meet your partner
face to face.
Also, ONLY ONE item per person may be entered into the exchange.

Here are the particulars:

1. Make a mug. Actually, it does not have to be a mug, but a ceramic
object that you made and think another Clayarter would like. Since all the
pieces will be put in bags for the exchange, it must fit in a paper bag that
measures approximately 5" X 6" X 9".

2. Please place your business card or a handwritten card with your name
and contact information inside the mug. It would be wonderful if you would
include technical information about the mug, such as method of construction,
firing temperature, and glaze on the card.

3. Drop off your mug at the Clayart Hospitality Room any time on Thursday
or Friday. Print your name neatly in the Mug Exchange Register, which
will be in the Clayart Room.We all love looking at all the mugs during the
conference, so bring your piece for this "exhibition" as early as possible.

4. Come to the Clayart room between 5:30 and 6:30 Friday and retrieve
your mug. Hand it to a Muggette on Duty and they will put it in a paper bag,
seal it, and place it on the table. You will be given a ticket for the Mug
Exchange. This time between bagging your mug and the start of the
exchange is a great and festive time to visit with all your Clayart friends.
At 6:30, the room will be cleared, and the doors will re-open just after
6:30 for the exchange. You will need your ticket to enter the room.
You will be sent to the table, where you will choose a mug in a bag.
So others may choose, please don't hang around the table after you
have your bag.

5. After everyone present has picked a mug, try to get together with both
the person who received your mug as well as the person who made the
mug you picked. Part of the point, and fun, of the Mug Exchange is to
meet new Clayart friends.

David Hendley and Cheryl Litman are organizing the Mug Exchange this
year, so contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Cheryl Litman
David Hendley
Our Official Muggettes, helping with the exchange will be Jennifer Boyer,
Russel Fouts, Marta Matray Gloviczki, Bonnie Hellman, Rebecca Knight,
Kathleen Gordon, Miki Caldwell, and John Jensen.

See you there!
David Hendley
Working hard to make sure there is no mug left behind