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muggettes & the clayart mug exchange

updated tue 15 feb 05


David Hendley on sun 13 feb 05

Each time I send a message to Clayart announcing the upcoming Mug
Exchange at the NCECA Conference, several people write and ask
to be part of the Muggette team running the exchange.
Well, I'm happy there is so much interest, but we already have ten
helpers and we just can't use any more help or the group will become
too large, with not much for anyone to do.

So you know that I didn't just ask my friends to be Official Muggettes,
here is how this group was formed:
Kathleen Gordon started and ran the exchange, starting with the inaugural
one in 1998. Last year, she wanted a break, so Cheryl Litman and I,
2 long-time helpers, took over as organizers. Last year, I asked on
Clayart for helpers and got replies from 5 or 6 people. This became
our Mug Exchange group last year.

This year, I privately asked last year's helpers if they would like to do
it again. I thought several would either not want to do it, or would not
be coming to the conference this year. To my surprise, everyone
wanted to continue. To this group, we added John Jensen, who we asked
because he lives in the Baltimore area and would be able to easily bring
the bags needed for the mugs (250 bags take up quite a bit of space
in a suitcase). And then Kathleen and Miki Caldwell, the original
organizers, wanted to be involved again, making the group grow to
10 Muggettes.

So, you Muggette wanna-bes, do you think we need to start letting
more new people help, and have a new group each year? My thinking
is that the group should include at least a couple of experienced people
from previous mug exchanges, but beyond that, I think it would be
just fine to have a mostly new group each year.
Previously, there has never been any kind of choosing as to who can
be in the Muggette group - any one who asked could be involved.
I don't think we need any kind of formal rules, but asking people not
be part of the group more than 2 years in a row might be a good
idea (or not?).

So, this year is already set, but we are open to ideas for next year. After
6 years as a Muggette, I am certainly ready to take a rest, and as long
as someone who has Muggette experience agrees to organize things
next year, I know the exchange will continue to run smoothly.

David Hendley
Working hard to make sure there is no mug left behind