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slip application on leather hard

updated sun 20 feb 05


clennell on sat 19 feb 05

Eleanor Hendriks wrote:

> I run into problems
> when I try to pour slip onto one side of slab built plates. The plates crack
> and disintegrate into flat broken objects after sitting for about 20
> minutes. Applying the slip when the plates are leatherhard -about to show
> dry spots seems to work better than at the soft leatherhard stage but they
> deform even if they don't crack. My understanding of the problem so far is
> that my plates are getting too wet in the process. The thrown forms that I
> dipped fared better (I believe) because it didn't take as long to get an
> even coat of slip while the slab plates required pouring which takes longer.

Eleanor; Dipping with slips is always a perfect exercise in timing. We pour
slips and from the sound of it your slip is very thick and your pot too soft
and maybe thin. We pour as soon as the shine is off the clay. Leatherhard
with out dry rims. if the rims are dry and the middle not we must pour the
slip on and then quickly wipe off the rims or they will crack.
I have dipped teapots only to come back as you did 20 minutes later to see
them resemble wall art teapots. Pot too wet, slip too thick, me loving the
look of them and getting over anxious. I now wait and leave the underneath
of the belly of the teapot without slip to retain the structural strength in
the pot.
Like everything about pottery- if it were easy everyone would be doing it.
Good luck!
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario