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ash glazes/ koie cooker wrap up

updated tue 22 feb 05


GaryNavarre on sun 20 feb 05

Hay Crew,
Sure haven't felt much like working since getting out of the hospital last
month. I guess meningitis is serious. We had two more cases reported in
Dickinson County, a 6 year old girl and a 46 year old man. Both died! A
friend somehow mentioned I had survived to an employee of WLUCTV6 that
covers the U.P. and the next thing I know there is me in the top storys for
Friday and the weekend. Good thing I cleaned the studio. The reporter needed
a variety of footage so I gave him some of the wheel and me slacking clay
into a bucket, fixing coffee, and just sitting here. I didn't really do
anything, just made it look like I was. I told him what I do with clay and
he said give the station a call for some air time later. Hay, any publicity
is good as long as it's not in an orange suit or in section 2B, 2 be
I hope I feel like working again when the snow thaws. All I've managed is
emptying the Koie cooker and processing the detail photos of the tappering
of the stack of brick. After the three weeks of stoking brush I got 12
pounds of ash from, I'm going to guess, 450lbs. Balsam greens. There might
be a hundred fifty pounds of secondary stoke hole sticks along with the ash.
The link for the album is . I'm thinking
this summer I can collect a few hundred pounds of a few different plants
like tansey and various ferns. We have some huge ferns in the Cedar swamp.
Sounds like a lot of work already just thinking about it and it's making me
tired. I think I'm gonna take a nap, stay in there!

G in da U.P.
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA (new pics also in Navarres Hobagama and
My Teacher)

Thought I was feeling better so I went to the Waha to got lucky. We went
to her place but she kicked me out when I started yelling my own name.