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claycraft re: the pot shop(was building a wood kiln)

updated fri 25 feb 05


Gary Navarre on thu 24 feb 05

Ya, Hank, ya don't remember last year when I asked you about that off list?

That was during my tramp potter days. I had left San Fransisco the day
before the Haight Ashbarry riots ('67 ?) and was directed by a potter in
Big Sur Hot Springs to Venice. Ned made me assistant manager and I learned
to fire the 6, or was it 8, atmospheric burner kiln. Did you build that,
or was it Ned? Wasn't that the site of the original "Q-P Doll" factory?

For a time The Pot Shop had 300 members and was a hub of creative energy
along with Joe and Arnold Schrifron doing their stone lithographs next
door. I stayed for a while, fell in love with Ann Marie, was still pining
a gal in Detroit, went back East and landed in "The Institution" (Elois)
for a year, got out and another year later went back to the Pot Shop for
about another year in the early '70's. Part of my "rent" duty's was to go
to the store for Joe and carry his gallon of California Red back to the
studio. I also kept the burning barrel going 24/7. Joe was getting pretty
ornery by then and I set up camp on the roof of the Pot Shop. Larry was in
charge and Ned was living in his camper in Joe's drive. I got sort of
spaced again and headed back East 4 days before the cops came looking for
me. Joe died shortly after that and the Pot Shop folded. Tryed to find
Ann's number last spring but she isn't listed so I decided to respect her
privacy. You said Ned is still there but I'm not certain of the street
number or I'd drop him a line or two.

I wondered if anyone from the Pot Shop is still in the buisness. I think
I'll post this to the crew and see what happens. Isn't that one of the
things I say about clay, "Try it and see what happens!"? Later, stay in

On Thu, February 24, 2005 8:27 am, Hank Murrow said:

> On Feb 24, 2005, at 12:33 AM, wrote:

>> Some of my first fires were in Joe Funk's burning barrel in
>> Venice, California where I learned not to heat green ware too fast or
they all blow up.

> Well, well, well. I had no idea that you were in Venice, Gary.
> Jane Heald and I built a co-op (sort of) studio there in the early
sixties called the PotShop at 324 Sunset Ave. Right next to Joe Funk. Ran
it for three years until selling to Ned Sloane and Guy Cognein, who ran it
until Larry Dildine took it over. Now it is film editing
> studios!
> Jane and I had a great time finding the building and getting a pottery
built in there. Soldner and Hamada are just two of the 'elders' who
visited and shared there. Spent nice times prospecting the desert and
gathering materials there.
> I wonder how many others on Clayart have crossed paths unknowingly in
the past?
> Cheers, Hank

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA