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surfing with helen bates - posted february 24th., 2005 - netherlands,

updated fri 25 feb 05


Helen Bates on wed 23 feb 05

Slovakia, Lithuania, Canada, USA

Surfing with Helen Bates - posted February 24th., 2005 - Netherlands,
Slovakia, Lithuania, Canada, USA

Helly Oestreicher, Netherlands
Drawings, ceramics, glass and ceramics, installations, Holocaust works
Text is minimal. Click on the image boxes to move into Helly's site.
The "Exhibitions" link goes on to a page with a link to "New
Sculptures" done in Slovakia.

Lithuanian Ceramists
I have removed all the accents from the characters for these artists'
names: Juozas Adamonis, Romualdas Aleliunas, Jonas Arcikauskas,
V.Armoniene, Vilija Balciuniene, I.Baratovas, Zivile Bardzilauskaite,
A.Butvila, Egle Cesonyte, Nerute Ciuksiene, G.Cepaite-Ragauskiene,
Daina Dauksiene, Saulius Dirse, Ona Grigaite, Dalia Jakimaviciene,
Rimantas Jakimavicius, Audrius Janusonis, V.Jursiene, D.Laurencikaite,
Juozas Lebednykas, V.Liaugaudiene, D.Lozyte, V.Karatajute, Arturas
Karosas, Laisvunas Kavaliauskas, Raimonda Kasparaviciene, Vilija
Kinderaviciute, Saulius Kisielius, Akvile Kripaityte, Jolanta Kvasyte,
Gintaras Martinionis, A.Masiukaite, Laima Matijosaityte-Martinkiene,
Ona Naruseviciene, Jurate Neimantiene, A.Pakarklis,
S.Petraitis-Petrauskas, Ramute Pranskeviciene, Dziuljeta
Raudoniene-Gudelyte, G.Raudonis, Rimantas Sakalauskas, Remigijus
Sederavicius, A.Skrabaliute, Rimantas Skuodis, J.Sucyla, Lina
Sableviciene, Aldona Salteniene, E.Simatonis, Liucija Sulgaite, Ona
Tamuliuniene, K.Urbanavicius, Rimas Visgirda.

Kelowna Clay Festival 2005 (Kelowna, BC, Canada)
This will be the third biennial Kelowna Clay Festival put on by the
Okanagan Potters Association. You can click on links to recent work
and the Guest Artists' urls for: Linda Doherty, Trudy Golley, Hank
Murrow, Phil Rogers, Susy Siegele and Mike Haley

Stephen J. Murphy (Boston, MA, USA)
Does anagama firing, ash and salt glazing, functional ware with
excellent form. (I wonder where he does his anagama firing? Surely
not in "Boston Proper"!)

Harriet Ann Thompson (somewhere near Asheboro or Charlotte, NC, USA)
Fun and colourful work and excellent combination glazed and smoke-fired
pieces. Sculptural work on some bowls and plates. Garden pieces and

James Watkins (Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World)
Article on James Watkins and a page of images of his pieces from a 2002
exhibition (thumbnails only, sad to say...)

Peter Accadia (Eltham, Victoria, Australia)
Peter Accadia (Latrobe University, Australia)
(Artist in Residence, Latrobe University Ceramics Department)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' Websites:
Surfing with Helen Bates:

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