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anybody seen jim's slip?

updated mon 28 feb 05


Elaine Birk on sat 26 feb 05

Many years ago I made up a red iron based slip called "Jim's Slip"

I am getting low and have searched everywhere for the recipe.

No luck.

Does anyone have the recipe or know of this slip?

It is a very nice iron red with gold/metallic like spots when used under
or over other glazes. I thought I got it from Clayart but searching the
archives did not turn it up. I would guess it has Red Art Clay and RIO in
it. It can be used on leather hard or bisque.

I just unloaded the third glaze load from my new gas kiln and the Shino's
with Jim's slip were beautiful. I hope someone out there can help me.

and dang I am getting the hang of gas firing.

The celadon, shinos, and copper reds were beautiful.
The temokos, iron reds, and tea dusts were unexciting. Could that due to
too much reduction for iron reds? I was in medium reduction .65 on the
Oxyprobe from about 010 to finish.

Elaine Birk
Virginia Beach