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clayart costumes at the nceca dance

updated fri 4 mar 05


Stephani Stephenson on thu 3 mar 05

Thie following is a PSA (Potter's service announcement)
from the official NCECA chapter of CLAYWENCHES , unlimited.

there will be an unofficial CLAYART costume shindig
(coinciding, i.e. at the very same place and time)
as the NCECA Dance

It will be a CLAYART costume hullabaloo

come ready for a mardis gras,
dress as your 'altered ego', your inner self,
or perhaps something indicative of your work.
explore the idea of 'surface decoration' or 'altered surfaces'
wear your most outrageous potter's garb
or just don whatever costume , outfit or accessory
you always want to wear
but never get a chance
or find an excuse
Well, here's your excuse!

this is brought to you by self proclaimed Clay Wenches Kellie, Nan,
Alisa and Stephani
who will be garbed appropriately, or inappropriately as the case may be
We are also hearing from fiefdoms across the kingdom
one message just in from Marta the Hun, (or is it 'hon'?)
and Gregg who says he will have an important newsflash for us......

and...who knows? you may dance ... like you've never danced
or you will certainly have more fun watching!!!!


Stephani Stephenson
Stephani, Kellie, Nan and Alisa

Stephani Stephenson
ph/fax 760-436-9304

L. P. Skeen on thu 3 mar 05

Steph, I get really nervous when you mention the words "Gregg" and "flash"
in the same sentence.....

----- Original Message -----
From: "Stephani Stephenson"
Gregg who says he will have an important newsflash for us......