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misc: nursing at nceca; mr clennell and pmi; earthenware glazes

updated fri 4 mar 05


Lili Krakowski on thu 3 mar 05

Can't stop snickering! Weeks ago I suggested it might be an idea to =
watch the language in the Clayart Room because, Clayart chatter gets =
pretty racy at times, and might keep some from bringing a child or =
teenager just to visit, just to see what Grandma is involved in.

I was soundly put in my place--in the Puritan pew, Old-Fashioned Foggy =
corner. Swell.

Now a genuine young woman with a genuine baby humbly asks may infant =
come too, since Mama is nursing and Mama wants to see the show! And SHE =
is put in HER place....

Yo! Can someone explain why it is OK to say handle pulling reminds one =
of this, a centered lump of clay of that --but when a young woman, who, =
I am sure, will come equipped with a shawl, or some such, asks about =
an infant nursing....wails and moans. (The most charming thing I saw =
and heard last Summer was a very young baby nursing--under the tent of =
the mother's size 3XX T shirt.)

Of course if there are children who misbehave, or adults for that =
matter, they should be asked to leave. But that is a totally different =
matter. =20

Then: Mr Clennell: I was very clear that Clay Times is a repertoire =
company, featuring the writing of some very well known and respected =
potters. Listed their names too.

I also said:

"...PMI fills a very special niche as it is far more directed at newbies =
and amateurs and art teachers than the others. There is a specials =
section about/re kids, and a lot of the articles are endearingly basic." =
And, indeed ,that article on casseroles TEACHES a way of making them. =20

The notion, however that PMI, is mired in work of the 1950s--whatever =
that means--rubs me very raw. Excuse me? Is the current fashion the =
only fashion? Are horsehair Raku, and paperclay, and non functional =
teapots that look like early submarines, and like, that the "correct" =
path, the Tao?

Besides totally and absolutely rejecting the notion of "progress" in =
the arts and crafts--as elsewhere--beyond the matter of better tools and =
more knowledge of materials --(better technology) --I find this =
timeline bit dismissive of the greatness of many. I stayed out of the =
Leach debate, having participated in it often enough. But what exactly =
is wrong with someone loving the gentleness of Rie, the elegance of =
Coper, the strength of both Wildenhains work, the opera of Duckworth, =
Cooper, Lewenstein, Wondrausch, Fournier? And wanting to express Self =
in that language? Why exactly is the idiom of ancient China, Japan, =
Korea, and its more recent, individual, but NOT new expressions valid, =
while the voice of the 1950s should be stilled?

Avant garde work is avant garde. Good for it! But why is it more valid? =
Why is the rap form more valid than the sonnet form? =20

AND LAST: it is hard to find earthenware glazes without lead in them. =
There are a few in CERAMIC GLAZEMAKING by Richard Behrens, a CM =
Handbook. Some call for barium (easily replaced by strontium) some for =
lithium--which I avoid. =20

The easiest way to get earthenware glazes, IMO (actually Cannonball =
agrees) is to start with a frit and just add clay and silica at need. =20

Lili Krakowski

Editor, TIRADE, The Journal of Ridiculous Opinion
Hob Goblin, publisher, Small Minds, NY